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Things that make you go hmmm.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

I won my fantasy baseball league... is that such a big deal?

I participated in a fantasy baseball league with two of my brothers and each of their oldest sons. I really enjoyed it again this year. It is fun to keep track of your players each day and makes you root for them to do well and makes you a bigger fan of major league baseball. It ended up that only one of my brothers and myself were still actively managing our teams at the end of the season. I was able to keep the lead for a big part of the season and the last couple of months my brother was pretty much keeping pace with me only a few points back. Then during the last week I was checking my stats and noticed I was in danger of losing some points in a couple of categories to my other brother and the two boys WHO WEREN'T EVEN PLAYING ANYMORE. I ended up only dropping a point and a half at the end and finished still ahead of my brother, but it was close. I hope to play again next year and might have my son play this time since he was very interested this year and has enjoyed watching baseball lately.
By the way, have you seen this sign that they have at Safeco Field where the Seattle Mariners play? Did you know that it is actually also a clock on the Mariners symbol in the middle? I never realized that until recently.