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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Name that Carol

See if you can guess these familiar Christmas Carols for which the titles have been changed with alternate words with similar meaning. I'll give the answers in the first comment.

1. Ecstasy toward the orb.
2. Hey, miniscule urban area south of Jerusalem.
3. Removed in a bovine feeding trough.
4. The slight percussionist lad.
5. Quiescent nocturnal period.
6. The primary carol.
7. Embellish the corridors.
8. Approach, everyone who is steadfast.
9. I'm fantasizing concerning a blanched Yuletide.
10. What offspring abides thus.

I saw these in a recent men's devotional magazine. I'm sure glad the writers of these songs went with the words we are familiar with.


  • Answers:
    1. Joy to the World
    2. O Little Town of Bethlehem
    3. Away in a Manger
    4. Little Drummer Boy
    5. Silent Night
    6. The First Noel
    7. Deck the Halls
    8. O Come All Ye Faithful
    9. White Christmas
    10. What Child is This
    Merry Christmas!

    By Blogger whaaaat!, at 8:25 AM  

  • Well done! I got them all...but I would have gotten an "F" in worship leading if I had not.

    By Blogger Joe, at 3:34 PM  

  • I missed three of them. Darn!

    By Blogger Fred, at 4:00 PM  

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