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Things that make you go hmmm.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We'll be of no help

After the memorial service for our dad, the family was taken into a "welcome center" room where people could come by and offer condolences, etc. Several of us initially didn't want to have to do this, but after it was over I am glad we did. It gave us an opportunity to again see all those who were touched in some way by Dad, or who had a connection to one of us and it gave them the opportunity to show love, etc. One such individual, we'll call her L., came up to me and my family and introduced herself and asked me which son I was. I knew who she was. She has a distinctive look and had not changed that much since the last time I saw her several years ago. I also remember that she was one who would readily give her opinion. L. was assuring us that Mom would have a good support group of the other widows in the church. She then asked, "now where are you from?" After we told her that we lived in the Pacific Northwest, L. immediately said "well you'll be of no help." We started to giggle a little and then realized she wasn't at all joking as she didn't even crack a smile. While it is somewhat true that it will be harder for us to directly help my mom, we hope that we can be of some encouragement and help in ways that we are able, but you have to hand it to L., she came right out and stated the obvious.

On another note, since tomorrow is Valentine's Day I thought I would share a little more related to this love-filled holiday. A guest pastor on Sunday told us what he and his wife do for Valentimes Day. I think I may use this in the future. He and his wife go to the store and each of them finds the biggest, most expensive, gushy card they can find that says everything they want to say to each other and then they walk over to the other and say "Happy Valentine's Day" and they read it and give each other a hug and a kiss ... and then put the cards back. Perfect. You take care of everything with out having to waste... er spend any money.
Did you notice above how I spelled "Valentimes"? My wife hates this after years of previously teaching grade schoolers who say this every year. It's even worse when adults have never learned the correct word and still say "Valentimes".
Anyway, here's my Valentimes wish to my lovely Valentine. I will love you always!!!


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